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Everlasting Night

The night was young and we weren’t near,
but we both knew what the end would be.

Familiar faces and unknown souls.
My eyes blurring everyone out or
maybe the fruit punch was a little
too strong. The music calming my nerves
and feeling out these emotions tonight.
I was lost in this room and waiting for
your soul.

I was scared. I didn’t recall tying
my heart in a knot; every time the door open
it would tighten up. The sweet beautiful
pain. Lost in this room for a love. So
many familiar faces and unknown souls.

Every hope and dreams you filled it
with your extra love and happiness
you carry for a lover who deserves
the sweeter things in life.

The night is now and we are near,
The stare, feel, shock, and emptiness
in the room, what we felt was breathless.
We felt us, and us only. We were lost
in each other eyes.

The seconds, minutes, and hours
through a night of falling into a soul
that made me fall off my feet. I never
hunger for anyone like I did for you
that everlasting night.

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