Unlocking my office door.
The window shades are down.
The room release the trapped
air from yesterday emotions.
As I plugged my speakers in
and started playing Bob Marley
out loud. The room filled with
happiness, peace, and freedom.

The self-love I felt became real.
I don’t know what I will be doing
tomorrow or the next day but at
this moment writing this post. I
feel free. I’m confused​ about a lot
of emotions going on inside me but
I still feel loved and happy.

Enjoying the smooth words and sound
from Bob Marley I know everything
will be okay. I’ll figure life out
and whatever my soul truly desire.

I hope you find your self-love and
what makes your soul the happiest.

Published by

My Unspoken Truth

I write about my unspoken words that I buried deep down into my soul and finally telling people the truth about it.

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