Night On Boardway

Saturday night.
The chill wind and full moon
surrounding her beauty. As
we walk through the crowd
in our own world. The event
was pack but to us, there
wasn’t anyone in sight.

My mind wonders of her love
and knows it feels sweeter than
orange chocolate. The journey of
this night is where souls fall deeper
in love. The moon shines down upon
us and bright beautiful lights
made our love feel on cloud nine.

Love, smiles, and happiness was
in the air that night. That is
one night I will treasure.
I don’t know where
your love will take me but I look
forward to more nights feeling​
on cloud nine next to you.

My Spoken Truth

Published by

My Unspoken Truth

I write about my unspoken words that I buried deep down into my soul and finally telling people the truth about it.

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