Unlocking my office door.
The window shades are down.
The room release the trapped
air from yesterday emotions.
As I plugged my speakers in
and started playing Bob Marley
out loud. The room filled with
happiness, peace, and freedom.

The self-love I felt became real.
I don’t know what I will be doing
tomorrow or the next day but at
this moment writing this post. I
feel free. I’m confused​ about a lot
of emotions going on inside me but
I still feel loved and happy.

Enjoying the smooth words and sound
from Bob Marley I know everything
will be okay. I’ll figure life out
and whatever my soul truly desire.

I hope you find your self-love and
what makes your soul the happiest.

Water & Love

The water crashing through
your body cleansing the way
you hurt. The rain pouring down
washing away broken love.

The nightfall filled your room
with darkness, but the moon. The
sweet moon came back to rescue
your love shinning you with the
light you needed to get through
the dark times.

The sunrise will rise again.
Your love will hurt but it’ll be
alittle less every day you wake up with
a smile. The air will flow into
your lungs keeping you light on
your love.

You’ll feel lovable again.

My Self-Love

We hope and believe that love will last forever.
Time goes on and we fight for what we believe in.
If I stop fighting? Do you believe I loved you?
I know your love is perfection with faith
and sorry I didn’t desire it with all my heart.

I can feel your tears from far away.
I see the pain behind your eyes.
You are so beautiful but in so much pain.
Your love is shattered into a million pieces.
We hope and believe that love will last forever.
Time goes on and we fight for what we believe in.

You were ready for everlasting love but
I could only give you temporary love.
My journey from this chapter is about
to start – please keep me in your memories.
I’ll follow my path to better myself within
and hopefully one day we will start a new
chapter together – once I discover my

– My Spoken Truth